My Badminton Carrer…

Hello Guys,I just want to share my story of my life with this sport. Badminton is a sport which uses racket and shuttlecock, this sport was already known and also became popular by 1870s. This sport is open for everyone but this game must have two or four individuals with only two teams. This game was developed in British India by 1992 badminton has been Summer Olympic Sport with five events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s double , women’s double, and mixed doubles. I ask one of the varsity player of badminton here in Fort Bonifacio High School to what encourages him to play this sport? (Badminton) According to James Diaz “ My parents because since when I was a kid my mom always play with me”. He’s been playing badminton for 11 years of age. Even though he’s playing this sport and he’s a varsity player, he said that he’s not still an expert on this sport. Things that challenges me every time I play is when I was competing in division contests because private schools are part of Team Army. Commonly this sport was being played in an open or closed court, but then this can be played anywhere except indoor. This sport can be played every sunny season. This sport is the easiest and basic sport nowadays. This sport is most common , but then as you play this sport you gain not just only enjoyment but also emotional and physical states. “My sport is so hard but when you look at the game its like, it’s just basic when you’re in the court it’s really hard and to win just always be humble”. “This sport also helps my physical and emotional state because I can express that in this sport what I feel every time I play”. As time pass by, badminton will still be popular because of the relationship you build not only for yourself but those people around you.

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