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clash of clans

clash of clans

Facebook seems to be the only book that a student wouldn’t dare to not open it even until midnight. There are over 100 billion Facebook users across the globe and 47 million came from the Philippines. Based on the Social Media Statistics, millennials topped the population of Facebook users in the country. I spent six to seven hours facebooking. Scrolling the newsfeed to like and share posts. Facebook has changed the world for students. They can now post their selfies, stalk their crushes, meet new people, gain new friends and update on their idols in just a click away. However, it wastes ones time. They are all hooked up in it no wonder Facebook is really entertaining. Students are cramming to do their homework and requirements since they spent their time on Facebook, instead of reading and reviewing their notes, they read and review posts mostly from confession files pages and some other pages. As a result they do not even get to the half of the test’s total score. Even though they have classes at six in the morning they are still up until twelve midnight not because they view their textbooks but because they view their Facebook. They end up weak and sleepy finding a way to take a nap in the midst of finding x’s and y’s. Facebook, has affected students’ social life. Rather than to talk to friends personally, they tend to just address it to them thru Fb. Yes, they can gain new friends. But they’re not the same as their friend in real world. It has also been a platform for bullying. They posted a bad photo of yours and making fun of it which I find offensive. Recent studies show that Facebook causes self-esteem by triggering feelings of envy. Includes posts by friends, about family happiness, images of physical beauty such envious feelings leave people lonely and dissatisfied with their own lives. Facebook just like other technologies, has its own flaws. Yes, there are certain things that cause the people to be changed and affected but first and foremost that’s not what it wanted to happen. Facebook just wants people to keep in touch with one another and the world to be connected. Written above were just some effects of Facebook to students. Keep in mind that technology is there to be controlled by humans, not humans to be controlled by it. For me I just limit my use in social media, so for Facebook I just use it for 2 hours same with Instagram. What I really love right now is game. I almost playing clash of clans for 3 years and I really love the game. I play it with my friends and we always help each other on the troops that they need. We always win on any war and that is the result of our team work.

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